Labour Law

As a member of Employees Huntsman you benefit from free consultation in labour law and social law.


The experts at the legal department of our umbrella association Employees Switzerland are at your disposal to answer your questions - for free.

Furthermore you find loads of useful information on labour law and social law on the website of Employees Switzerland (in German and French language only).

Another exclusive offer for members is the legal insuarance MULTI (MULTI-Rechtsschutzversicherung). For an annual fee of 118 CHF, our members benefit from a legal insuarance of up to 300'000 CHF per case and year. Similar insurances that are availalbe on the market cost up to 250-400 CHF.


A new code of procedure for lawsuits leads to a high cost risk for the claimant!


The legal insurance MULTI pays off especially since 2011: On January 1st 2011, a new code of procdure has come into force and as claimant you have a higher cost risk than before:

  • the claimant has to pay an advancement at the full amount of the expected law costs.
  • when winning a lawsuit, the claimant is not allowed anymore to demand the law costs from the court but mus demand them from the defendant.
  • the defendant can demand a security payment from the claimant when the latter does not have a domicile in Switzerland and when he is suspect to insolvency or when he still ows law costs from a former lawsuit.