Welcome to Employees Huntsman!

Kind invitation to the workshop on time management 'Planen, umsetzen, Zeit gewinnen' - on 09.02.2017 and 21.02.2017!

Employees Huntsman, the association of all employees at Huntsman in Switzerland, kindly invites you to attend the time management workshop ‚Planen, umsetzen, Zeit gewinnen‘. The workshop is held in German language and can be attended during the normal working hours. However, before registering, we recommend to get in touch with your superior.

Members of Employees Huntsman can attend the workshop for free. For non-members we kindly ask for a financial contribution of 30 CHF.

Since the workshop has an interactive format, it is not possible to have a simultaneous translation. Therefore we would like to offer all colleagues who are interested in the topic time management and who prefer an English workshop that we will organize such a workshop, if we have a minimum of 10 participants.

If you would like to attend one of the German workshops that are taking place in-house on February 9 and February 21 from 13:00 to 17:00 hours, please register by e-mail to kontakt@angestellte-huntsman.ch until February 7 at the very latest. If you are interested in participating at an English workshop on time management, please send us a short e-mail to the same address.

We are looking forward to your feedback.

Gipfelitreffen 2017 - Get-together for all pensioned members and all active members as of 60+

Also this year, Employees Huntsman kindly invites all pensioned members and all active members as of 60+ to join the 'Gipfelitreffen'. The get-together is going to take place at Café Villa Merian (Brüglingen 1, 4052 Basel).

We will meet at 09:15 hours. Employees Huntsman sponsors coffee and croissants. Afterwards we have organized a little surprise for each participant. If you wish, you can also extend your stay and join us for lunch (at your own expense). Many things have happened since our last Gipfelitreffen, so there for sure are many stories to tell.

We would like to propose the following dates:

  • Tuesday, January 31, 2017
  • Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Please let us know by mail to contact@employees-huntsman.ch until 19.1.17 at the latest, if one or even both of the dates above are convenient for you. Thank you.

Employees Huntsman is the biggest employees organisation at Huntsman in Switzerland.


Working together!
Is the key theme of our association to which we have been living up for a long time already:

  • in social partnership with other associations active in the fields chemistry and pharma
  • in close collaboration with our umbrella association Employees Switzerland
  • at Huntsman - thanks to a close contact to employees across all functions and levels and the close cooperation with employee representatives and the foundation council of our pension fund


We are at your side!
We get involved for our members. Our key objectives are:

  • transparent wages and fair compensation
  • protection of the workplace Switzerland
  • a high-performing pension fund
  • advancing Employees
  • building a culture of trust
  • strengthening employee representatives


Join us and become a member!
Many employees of Huntsman are members of our association and strengthen our position. Each employee of Huntsman Switzerland can join us; this applies also to retired employees and former employees that work for another company.